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March Release - "You Took Advantage of Me"

 “You Took Advantage of Me” is a show tune written by Rodgers and Hart and first made popular in 1928, making this the oldest song in the Chic catalog. (Sure hope I’m still this relevant when I’m 91.) Written for their musical “Present Arms,” this song was first sung by a couple who were formerly married, yet still had feelings for one another. That little data point brings a new perspective to some of the lyric.

From its beginning, the song has been sung and recorded by both male and female artists, with the first recording in 1928 and the most recent recording in 2019. (Okay, that one is ours, but there are numerous other recordings in the 21st century as well.) Notable recordings through the years include the likes of Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney, Al Hirt, and even The Supremes. It should come as no surprise to anyone that our version was inspired by Linda Ronstadt’s recording with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra on her album, “Lush Life.”

Rodgers himself described the song as a “sassy and unregretful number,” and you’ll find that the melody quickly grabs you, enters the brain, and stays. Dancer response in early previews has been widely positive, and the feet certainly do start tapping when the music starts.

When it comes to these early standards, our go-to guy is Chic Staff Caller, David Mee. The first time I ever heard him sing, he was singing “Sinatra,” and his voice and style is a perfect match for this genre. The cut was particularly perfect for David with a title like "You Took Advantage of Mee." As always, he delivered an awesome vocal.

When you have a “sassy” song like this, the female vocal just has to go to Chic Staff Caller, Deborah Carroll-Jones. She has a way of taking on the character of the song and giving it the perfect voice.

CHIC 1052 in the male vocal range features the awesome vocal by David Mee.

CHIC 2052 in the female vocal range features the equally awesome vocal by Deborah Carroll-Jones.

To purchase, just head on over to the Chic Boutique for fast and easy mp3 downloads.

Introductory price is $7.50 and includes the music with and without melody, and the vocal cut.

Both are being sold separately since they were produced separately.

Click on the youtube links (to the left) for previews!