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Since our first release, people have been talking about Chic, and we love to hear what our customers are saying. We have chosen some of our favorite comments from Facebook, email, etc, to share here at Chic Speak. If you have something you'd like to add, just shoot an email to or visit us at our Facebook page and leave a comment.



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People had a lot to say about our inaugural tune, “You’re No Good.” It certainly made us feel like we got off on the right foot. Here are some examples:

“Congratulations on your new endeavors. I just have to say that in all of my 34 years of Square Dancing I have never heard a song as good as Scott's version of "You're no Good". OMG! First let me say, because I have never been a big fan of that particular song, it had to take a lot to impress me. Between the incredible music and his unwavering talent, I just don't even know how to put it into words. Simply Amazing! Thanks for what you are doing for Square Dance music. I plan to purchase a few of your versions for myself as I am learning to become a caller. Can't wait to hear what comes next!” – Denise Carbonell/Dancer via Facebook

"Just listened to the instrumental versions of You're No Good. I like the way you've done two different "sounds" to the music. Haven't decided which to buy...probably both...” – Tom Gray/Caller via Facebook

"I 'liked' it last time and my opinion hasn't changed. Both versions are still the best music, vocals and harmonies we've seen in this industry in years. No kidding." – Pat Carnathan (Owner/Producer of Shakedown Records) via Facebook

The good news kept coming with our second release, “A Summer Song.”

“This is a must-have. One of the best singing calls ever recorded.” – Michael Smithers (Caller) via Facebook

“ need to check out "A Summer Song" - CHIC3002.  I have gotten a wonderful response from my dancers.  One of the best "laid back" tunes in a while." – Wade Driver (Owner/Producer of Rhythm Records) via Facebook

More great reviews for release number three – “Let’s Get Away From it All.”

“I LOVE this! David Mee has such a great voice, and this song showcases it! Thank you Shauna for having him record this.” – Vicki Moeckel (Dancer) via Facebook

“Thanks VERY much for "Let's Get Away From It All" - I did it tonight to start our dance and it brought down the house!!! GREAT music!” – Deborah Carroll-Jones (Caller) via email

The comments we got for release number four, “It Feels Good” really did feel good!

“When you told me you were taking this song to the studio I went and listened to the original and thought, that's an okay song, but not my cup of tea. Your Singing Call version is BETTER than the original! I love it!” – Michael Smithers (Caller) via Facebook

“An Awesome recording! I liked both the male and the female versions. I will probably be ordering CHIC1004 a little later this week, but WOW, you have put a couple of callers on the vocals that really know how to put some feeling into the songs. They OWN that tune (as they say). Keep turning out the great music.” – Gene Turner (Caller) via Facebook

The buzz about Chic’ releases just kept buzzing.  Here are some of our favorites:

“VERY NICE !!!!!! Great to hear both of you !!!!” – Lorne Clayton (Caller) via Facebook (about CHIC3005 – Devoted to You)

“Listening to it gave me goosebumps! Great job.” – Vicki Moeckel (Dancer) via Facebook (about CHIC1008 – ‘Til There Was You)

“Beautiful rendition....especially love the guitar!” – Ann Dugdale (Dancer) via Facebook (about CHIC1008 – ‘Til There Was You)

“Thank You. Great Job ! Real music !!!!!!” – Lorne Clayton (Caller) via Facebook (about CHIC4010 – Classical Gas)

“ LOVE this!!!!!!! And sounds like you have managed to get around the tricky timing without losing the "feel" of the music.” – Ann Dugdale (Dancer) via Facebook (about CHIC4010 – Classical Gas)

“It was a pleasure working with one our rising talents. You will hear a lot from this producer. Thank you, Shauna, for the opportunity.” – Wade Driver (Owner/Producer Rhythm Records) via Facebook (about CHIC1011 – Home Sweet Home)

“The right music, the right song, and the one of the best singers in the activity makes it so you just want to get up and dance.” – Leslie Schultz (Dancer) via Facebook (about CHIC1012 – Because)

“So beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. It's probably the best singing call ever made.” – Marion Saltel (Dancer) via email (about her son Joe Saltel's rendition of "I Will" on CHIC1013)

“I've just been editing some of my new tunes. "I WILL" Chic 1013 is a really nice old Beatles tune. How they took a slow ballady number at 105BPM and still had it sound like the original but at 123 BPM, I don't know. Brilliant job folks!!!“ – Glenn Wilson (Caller) via Facebook (about CHIC1013 – I Will)

“O.M.G... I think that is my new favorite recorded square dance song EVER!” – Scott White via Facebook (about CHIC2014 – Whatever Lola Wants)

“Great rendition. Buffalo Springfield would be complimented by this arrangement. Good vibes from yesterday. Good then, great now.” – Donald Seaman (Caller) via Facebook (about CHIC1015 – For What It’s Worth)

There was plenty of chatter about the label in general too! Here are a few of our favorites.

Shauna Kaaria has done a great job on CHIC- You also might want to check out the FineTune/GoldWing/Sharpshooter tunes as she has been doing our music for over a year- She's a keeper!” – Rick Hampton (Owner/Producer Fine Tune-GoldWing-Sharpshooter Records) via Facebook

“What's it like to have a never ending parade of world famous callers lining up to record in your studio?” – Glenn Wilson (Caller) – via Facebook

“If I keep calling to Chic music - I will soon become the most popular caller in Canada - Keep up the great work!” – Lorne Clayton (Caller) via Facebook

“I really like the way you’re doing things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Tony Oxendine (Owner/Producer Royal Records) via email

“Love your music!” – Jerry Jestin (caller) via email

“Really like your music selection and how close you get to the original but still have your own recognizable style!  Great job!!! ” – Tom Davis (caller) via email