Chic Peeps!


Chic is certainly not a one-woman show. I am blessed to have so many talented people on the Chic team.

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Chic Peeps

Shauna Kaaria - Producer (

Music and dance have been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember.  After many years with clogging and rounds, I picked up the calling microphone in 2007.  My first studio experience was in 2010, singing harmony on Vic's recording of "I Dig Rock n Roll Music" for Fine Tune records.  In mid-2014 I joined the Fine Tune Records team, arranging music, singing background vocals, and recording lead vocals as they launched their Female Vocal Range project. Spending so much time in the studio, arranging songs and watching them come to life gave me the producing bug. With encouragement from Vic, and other producers I respect, I took the plunge and Chic Recordings was born.

 Vic Kaaria - Shauna's Favorite Caller (

Vic has been calling since 1975 and has arranged and recorded dozens of singing calls with Shakedown, Fine Tune, Gold Wing, and Sharpshooter records.  His support and expertise are invaluable as I embark on this Chic adventure. He has truly been my silent partner. (Yes, I know it is hard to imagine Vic as a "silent" anything.)  Vic joined me on the vocal for Chic Recording's second duet, CHIC3005 - Devoted to You, and sang the lead vocal on our 15th release, CHIC1015 - For What It's Worth. Don't be surprised if you hear him on future releases too. Vic and I have been married since 1999 and have six children (Brady Bunch style), and five grandchildren. We live in Redlands, CA, with three very spoiled dogs. Just in case you didn't know...he's my favorite caller!

Jim MacDonald "Jimmy Mac" - Engineer/Musician

Jimmy Mac of Jimmy Mac Productions in Ventura, CA, is the magic behind much of Chic's music. He has been in the music production business for more than twenty years and has vast experience with the needs of the square dance music community.  In addition to his amazing musicianship, especially on guitar, he gives vocal lessons and knows how to bring the best out of you in the studio.  Jimmy's well-trained (but also spoiled) dogs, Buddy and Midnight, frequently join our sessions. Probably because we bring treats.

Pat Carnathan - Engineer/Musician (

Pat Carnathan and Jimmy Mac share the load of Chic's musical production.  A pianist since the age of six, and the owner/producer of Shakedown Records, Pat is not only creating music for Chic, he is providing priceless counsel and advice along the way.  Pat has a great ear for what works (and what does not), and shares Chic's passion for being true to the original song.  It's no wonder he is my second-favorite caller. 

Michael Haworth - Web Consulting (

Mike is another invaluable cog in the Chic wheel. Because I wanted to have the ability to update the website myself, I needed more than just a webmaster.  I needed someone who had the patience (and willingness) to spend the time to provide training throughout the web design process.  We spent multiple evenings at "Chic-Fil-A" (okay, it's really Chick) hovering over the computer while his patient family entertained themselves in the play area or with their latest book acquisition. His guidance and support are greatly appreciated.  It's no wonder he is my second-favorite caller.  

Soren Lindergaard - Video Editing/Creation (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

If you've seen any of the YouTube previews for Chic's releases, then you've seen Soren's work. I used to think I had figured out how to make videos, and I suppose I had, but Soren entered the picture and the videos are a whole new game! He has software and skills that I simply don't possess, and he is graciously sharing them with Chic Recordings! He amped up our logo, he has created amazing teaser videos that include our logo and tag line (in four different logo colors, no less), and his work is amazing!  You can see an example of his Chic work here. It's no wonder he is my second-favorite caller.  

Rick Hampton - Mentor (

Last, but certainly not least, of the Chic Peeps is my mentor, Rick Hampton.  During Vic's years with Fine Tune Records, I was frequently amazed with Rick's "ear" in the studio.  Since joining Fine Tune for the Female Vocal Range project, I have spent countless hours in the studio watching and learning about the music production process.  With Fine Tune/Gold Wing/Sharpshooter, Rick has given me the opportunity to cut my teeth arranging the music and working with Jimmy Mac on bringing the music to life.  He could not have been more supportive when I told him of my desire to start my own adventure with Chic Recordings. His encouragement and support mean the world to me.  It's no wonder he is my second-favorite caller.